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Hampshire Life Food and Drink Award Winners 2014  Best Local Supplier / Producer Blackmoor Game for managing free-range young birds for shoots and catering trades Blackmoor Game rearing partridge and pheasant poults since 2005

Game Rearing by Blackmoor Game Ltd

In 2005 we expanded our business which allowed us to rear our own pheasant & partridge poults which we supply to local shoots throughout Hampshire and the South.

This has allowed us to create a unique opportunity in that we are fortunate to "buy and sell our own product twice". By this, we rear in excess of 50,000 pheasant and partridge on our farm here at Wield.

We then sell the young birds to local estates. During the game shooting season we then buy the birds back from the estates to process and oven ready for the catering trades.

We have our own Gamekeeper employed on our estate who looks after the young birds as well as manage our own shoots that we hold throughout the season. From a carbon footprint point of view the birds on our own farm and reared, raised, culled and then processed with zero miles.

For more information and to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 01420 563831 or email

Award Winning, Free Range Game from Blackmoor Game, Alresford, Hampshire
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